Our first Digital Springboard partner profile features Public Library Services, South Australia.

What does Public Library Services (PLS) do?

We’re the central support agency for all South Australian Public Libraries and have been in existence for over 30 years.

Our clients are the 134 Public Libraries across regional and metropolitan South Australia, serving communities with as few as 300 residents to over 150,000 community members.

Why did you become a Digital Springboard delivery partner?

Digital Springboard will build the skills and capacity of library staff to deliver much needed digital skills to their communities.

Since the publication of Tomorrow’s Libraries in 2015, PLS has been working to advance many of the public library network’s strategic objectives, including a number that relate to the digital literacy of library staff and customers. Along with our own research, the publication of the Australian Digital Inclusion Index has reinforced the need for libraries to continue to play a key role in bridging the digital divide.

As more of our daily activities move to the online environment, libraries are experiencing a growing demand from the community for assistance to access basic services, to become job ready, and for social enjoyment.

Public Library Services

Tell us about your community

We’re working with 6 libraries to support them to deliver training to their communities in Prospect, Playford, Onkaparinga, Marion, Light Regional and Barossa.

Many residents are employed in general agriculture, viticulture, engineering, dairy and primary production. All of these fields are becoming more reliant on technology. There are also vibrant tourism and hospitality industries.

Digital Springboard will allow us to focus on guiding people in gaining the skills they need to submit employment applications as well as enabling them to gain further knowledge, experience and confidence in and around technology.

We aim to run sessions that will enable all age groups to prosper in our increasingly digital world, from school leavers to more senior people either re-entering the workforce or changing career paths.

Which Digital Springboard courses will you be delivering?

As many as possible! In the short term, we see a need for delivering ‘Build a CV’ and ‘Write a cover letter’, and we’ve already had members of the local community enquiring about the social media courses to help support them in the running of their small businesses. There are a growing number of people running micro-businesses from home; artists, authors, bloggers are just some of the local talent looking for support in this area.