Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre (PBNC)

What does your organisation do?

Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre (PBNC) delivers a range of programs to communities on the Tweed Coast, New South Wales. Programs include: child and family support services, a Centrelink access point, material aid provision and managing a technology centre that provides one-on-one and group education sessions.

We became a Digital Springboard partner because we wanted to boost our existing technology program. It’s supported us to increase our capacity to reach people who want to improve their digital skills to help with their employability and their personal and professional potential.

What are your community’s needs, and how has Digital Springboard helped?

PBNC is located in a rural region in far northern NSW. Pottsville is experiencing rapid and sustained population growth but there’s a lack of employment opportunities, affordable housing, community infrastructure and transport options.

Digital Springboard has helped us reach people who have barriers to social inclusion and employment, and support people to increase their confidence, skills, knowledge, capacity, community and commercial connections.

Though Digital Springboard we’ve supported women, men and young people of all backgrounds, including chronically unemployed and under-employed people, First Nations people and people living with disability. We’re also experiencing increasing demand from young people.

Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre
Volunteers at Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre

Which courses, and why?

We’ve been delivering the Skills for starting your own business series and Digital Springboard’s social media courses to support local start-ups. We’ve also delivered several courses from the Skills for work series to help people gain confidence and build their professional capacity and/or transition to work. We’ve found that Get started with code and Spreadsheets for beginners have also been especially interesting to home-educated students.

What feedback have you received about your courses?

We’ve had some great feedback from all our sessions and have two success stories we’d love to share:

A chef who’d been out of work for some time had created a CV with his job network provider but wasn’t getting any job offers. After completing our Digital Springboard Build a CV course, he got the first position he applied for with his new CV. He’s full of praise about the course and the way it was taught.

A female Disability Support Pensioner was actively developing an online dance tutoring business to enable her to go off the pension. After attending our Skills for starting your own business series as well as our social media and Google Analytics courses she feels she’s now equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently grow her business. She recently told us she’s experiencing early success in her new business.

We’ll continue to deliver Digital Springboard courses throughout 2020.

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