When Infoxchange and Google first started talking about creating Digital Springboard, we were sure of one thing – the importance of supporting community organisations, libraries and not-for-profits to do what they do best.

Whether that’s helping people living with disabilities to find meaningful work, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, or helping new migrants find their feet, we wanted to provide a resource that would support organisations to do their important work.

And so, Digital Springboard was born. We’ve created 11 courses that can be used by any community organisation, for free, to help people gain the digital skills they need to find work or further their careers. The courses are easy for organisations to roll out and come with a suite of resources that they can choose from to suit their community’s needs.

Our partners will play a crucial role in delivering the courses across Australia, giving people nationwide the chance to become more confident using digital technologies.

We’re proud to have already built strong partnerships with five wonderful organisations who have joined as Digital Springboard delivery partners: Australian Red Cross, The Smith Family, The Clontarf Foundation, WISE Employment and the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association.

Between them, these organisations will reach over 6,000 people, from Katherine in the Northern Territory down to Burnie is Tasmania. And we’re only just getting started!

We think that anyone can help improve digital skills in their local community, so we’ve made becoming a delivery partner easy – apply online or send us an email.