This course aims to help people increase their preparedness for a disaster or emergency by connecting with simple online tools and social media. 

It covers digital skills to use emergency apps, access current and reliable information online and maintain contact with friends, family and emergency services. The course also introduces simple apps and tools for different parts of Australia. 

Course length:  

  • Once-off 60-minute session, however trainers can adapt the course content to fit time available, the level of participants’ digital literacy and different delivery formats. This course can be delivered entirely online as a webinar, a full classroom session, or split into short, discussion based community workshops. 


  • Ages 18+ 
  • People who live in disasterprone areas 
  • People with a basic knowledge of online applications and social media platforms  
  • Trainers can tailor the workshop to the size of the audience and the level of participants’ digital literacy and social media skills 

Learning objectives:  

  1. Determine how you currently access information on disasters and disaster preparedness  
  2. Identify the importance of online tools for disaster preparedness  
  3. Discover how to use common online tools for early warnings and disaster preparedness  
  4. Build confidence in using the simple online tools and social media to keep updated during a disaster 
  5. Explore the role of online information and resources in disaster recovery.