Learn how to effectively collect and make sense of online data about your business or organisation to help you drive growth.

This course will help you develop a framework for your business’ or organisation’s data collection and establish goals and objectives to measure your success. Learn about the key digital marketing channels and what data from these channels can reveal about your customer’s behaviour.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone who is involved with or interested in starting a small business, enterprise or not-for-profit organisation. The course is introductory, and no prior knowledge of marketing is required.

What it covers

  • The important questions you should be asking about your business or organisation’s online activity
  • How to analyse data from your business website, and how to monitor your customer traffic and behaviour
  • Using digital products and services such as Google Analytics to collect, analyse and interpret website data
  • How data insights can be used to determine how engaged an online user is with a business or organisation
  • How data insights can help to attract and connect with customers online
  • How to make the most of key marketing channels
  • Consider some of the goals or objectives you can use to measure your success online

🕒 approx. 75 mins