Adult Learners Week is an international festival of adult learning. It runs from 1–8 September 2019 and is celebrated with hundreds of events and activities across Australia promoting the benefits of learning.

You’re never too old to learn digital skills. Through Digital Springboard, we’re proud to offer adult learners across the country the opportunity to build their digital skills and confidence, and open up new employment and career opportunities. And we couldn’t do that without our trusted delivery partners.

We spoke to Debra Cooper, Library Programming Coordinator at Logan City Council, about what they’re doing for Adult Learners Week.


What digital skills events are you running during Adult Learners Week?

We’re running two sessions of the Digital Springboard course Spreadsheet for beginners and have a range of other wonderful Adult Learners Week events scheduled in libraries across the City of Logan, all of them about lifelong learning and joyful discovery.


What role do libraries play in lifelong learning?

Logan City Council Libraries have a vision of our libraries as the city’s centre for life-long and self-directed learning and discovery. Our libraries are committed to being a contributor to the liveability and social wellbeing of the City of Logan. We aim to provide access to free learning and discovery programs that deliver active skill building, creative exploration and inspiration, critical thinking and enjoyment for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

What do you need to learn new digital skills as an adult?

  • Be willing to give things a go
  • Take a deep breath and overcome your initial fear and discomfort of new things
  • Try to see the positives in embracing change and learning a new skill

Tell us about your favourite adult learning experience

We had a lovely Home Library Service client named Val, who was eighty-seven years old. She recently passed away. Our Home Library Service is a free monthly home delivery service available to all our residents of any age unable to visit a library independently.

Val had been a client for many years and she’d been increasingly struggling with reading print books due to impaired vision. Val was keen to use our new, free iPad service, having heard that the font size can be significantly magnified on an iPad. Over the last two years, she had an iPad delivered each month, pre-loaded with eBooks of her choice.

Val certainly had reservations about moving from print books to eBooks, as she thought she had “no skills in modern technology”. She didn’t have the internet at home, or a mobile phone.

“The idea of reading books from this modern gadget made me pretty anxious. But, I’m adventurous; I like to give new things a go”, Val said last year.

Val was trained in how to use her iPad by one of our Digital Home Library Service volunteers who was very patient and understanding.

Val became our eBook champion, and no longer had any trouble with eye strain. Truly, Val was a digital legend for our Home Library Service, who certainly didn’t do things by the “book”…

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