Adult Learners Week is an international festival of adult learning. It runs from 1–8 September 2019 and is celebrated with hundreds of events and activities across Australia promoting the benefits of learning.

You’re never too old to learn digital skills. Through Digital Springboard, we’re proud to offer adult learners across the country the opportunity to build their digital skills and confidence, and open up new employment and career opportunities. And we couldn’t do that without our trusted delivery partners.

We spoke to Julian Smith, Digital Hub Coordinator at the City of Tea Tree Gully, about what they’re doing for Adult Learners Week.

What digital skills events are you running during Adult Learners Week?

We have classes on Facebook and smartphones and an art exhibition on during the week, as well as quite a few Digital Springboard courses running throughout September.


What role do libraries play in lifelong learning?

I have borrowed and modified the Socrates quote about lifelong learning:

“Lifelong learning is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

What do you need to learn new digital skills as an adult?

Don’t be overly hard on yourself, learning anything can take time and if you pick up one or two new skills you’re doing well.

Have a try at doing something new that you have learned. Don’t worry, you won’t break your device!

It’s important to continue to use the skills you learn when you go home – it will help you to remember them.

Tell us about your favourite adult learning experience

I had one lady who couldn’t use her email on her iPad and she came in to get some help. It turns out that her grandson had been playing with it the day before and he had somehow turned on flight mode. This was easily fixed and while she was a little embarrassed, she was quickly on her way!

I also had an elderly couple in their 80’s who came to learn about their iPad as the husband had poor vision. Now they use the iPad all the time so that the husband can listen to audiobooks and ask Siri about the weather, and the wife can look up directions and bus timetables online.

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