Adult Learners Week is an international festival of adult learning. It runs from 1–8 September 2019 and is celebrated with hundreds of events and activities across Australia promoting the benefits of learning.

You’re never too old to learn digital skills. Through Digital Springboard, we’re proud to offer adult learners across the country the opportunity to build their digital skills and confidence, and open up new employment and career opportunities. And we couldn’t do that without our trusted delivery partners.

We spoke to Ben Teoh, Library Lifelong Learning Coordinator at City of Marion, South Australia, about what they’re doing for Adult Learners Week.

What digital skills events are you running during Adult Learners Week?

At the libraries, we’re running a session getting started with listening to podcasts, and the Digital Springboard course Social media strategy. We’re also participating in a week-long pop-up at the Castle Plaza Shopping centre run by our Community and Neighbourhood Centres. The Pop-Up Hub will have a range of workshops and information sessions on topics such as the nbn, podcasts, ebooks and much more!

What role do libraries play in lifelong learning?

Lifelong learning and public libraries go hand in hand. Libraries have always been a place where people can freely access information they need and also find opportunities to learn through educational programs. At a local level, we look at the needs and interests of our community and aim to offer learning programs and materials to meet them.

What do you need to learn new digital skills as an adult?

When it comes to learning new digital skills, these are the three things people need: curiosity, courage and a library card.

Let’s face it, learning new digital skills can be daunting for everyone. But if you’re willing to give things a try, be ready to make mistakes and then figure out why it happened, you’re in a good place. Public libraries offer a lot of resources to help – whether its books, courses, programs or online education, your library card can help open a lot of quality opportunities for learning for free!

Tell us about your favourite adult learning experience

When it comes to learning, it’s happening constantly. On a personal note, I’m a dad with of three young girls. Right now I’m trying to learn how to extend my hair styling beyond pony tails! I’ve been reading a book I picked up from the library, watching YouTube videos and asking some of the women and parents at work how they do theirs. My girls are really patient with me while I’ve been practicing.


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